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building engineering technology

hvac Automation and Mechanical design

We have 30 years experience in design, testing, commissioning, and trouble shooting your mechanical and building control systems for the best comfort, environment, and energy reduction.

We have experience with most all building automation systems, controls, boilers, chillers, pumps, humidifiers, ventilation systems, exhaust systems, piping systems, heat exchangers, condensers, air conditioners, ductwork, and many other building systems.


Reserve fund studies,
Capital cost studies,
Mechanical Assessments, Maintenance Programs, Mechanical Design, HVAC Recommendations.

We can review existing, problem mechanical systems and provide solutions to improve comfort, performance, and reduce utility costs.

Maintenance programs

We can take the time to document all of your building HVAC equipment, provide a complete weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi annual, and annual maintenance program for your building. Now your operator and building service contractor will know what is expected to ensure longevity of equipment.

For larger buildings, we can design a computerized maintenance management system CMMS integrated into all your building systems to provide a comprehensive system that prints work orders, schedule maintenance, and all other equipment tasks for longevity.

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